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Morning Song

morning song of joy

Dear readers: After over three months of having bronchitis I felt some major improvements this morning! Thank you for the healing blessing for all of your prayers, encouraging and uplifting comments. It is a beautiful blessing to be a servant of my Lord.

The homeopathic medication I was given for my bronchitis is really starting to work! My breathing was so much better this morning ! I was able to help Karen  by putting the washed dishes away. My devotions , which today was Susan’s introduction to her Sermon on the Mount series, gave me such infilling peace and abounding joy! I was able to write a supportive prayer filled with energy and life to a dear sister in Christ, who has been praying for Karen and me. Then, I was so uplifted in my spirit to find that people have been reading my back list of pieces. I pray they are touching their hearts.

The awesome blessing I was given is that my Lord’s singing voice is coming back! I was able to sing a few hymns with a greater strength and passion. I noticed that there is a richness and heart to the singing voice unlike ever before. I am not having to work so hard at the singing.

When I shared this glorious news with Karen she said a loud and enthusiastic “Hallelujah!”

I thank God for allopathic medicine. The elephant gun antibiotic I was given has helped knock this nasty bug down further, Naturopathic and allopathic medicine working together have done amazing things for my journey to wellness!

I thank the greatest healer of all, Christ, our Great Physician. I believe as I have finally made a greater journey to forgiving my schizo affective father for abusing me and asking God to carry out that full forgiveness, that greater physical healing is happening. I am also choosing to forgive those who have hurt me and forgiving myself for the hurtful things I have said to others.

May the Lord’s richest healing blessings cascade over you!


Morning Song

You are my sunlight

You are my morning

I thank You for Your great love

You hear me as I call to You

Help me to see You

Help me to know You

Help me to feel You beating in my heart

Let me think of You all of my day

Heal all the wounds inside of me

I long to love You

I long to feel You deep in my soul

Thanks for Your morning

Thanks for Your sunlight

Thanks for loving me just as I am

Touch me and heal me

Fill me inside with your abounding joy

You are my morning song

Let us all praise Him

Let us adore Him

Filled to completeness with His great love

You are our sunlight

You are our morning

You are the God of our day and our night

Thanks for the beauty of Your creation

For the birds who sing their sweet songs

The trees that dance with Your wind

The water that fills us with Your life

The clouds and the loveliness of Your sky

The animals that are reflections of Your love for us

Fill the empty and the hurting with Your life

Let them cast every care upon You

This is our morning song to You