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Lord, help me see my brighter tomorrow

Today, let us reach our hands out in faith to our Lord, who gives us our brighter tomorrow even in the worst of circumstances. Let us reflect on the message in the video below.

The prayer:

Lord, You know my life

You hear me as I call out to You

My struggles, they are so many

Help me find my brighter tomorrow with You

God’s answer:

My child, you know that I love you

I feel your pain as you call out to Me

You are caught in a web of darkness and sorrow

That the Enemy spoke into your life

You’ve been around people who are so filled with pain

They said things that hurt you and robbed you of your joy

Child, I’ve always been there when you called out to Me

I can help you find your brighter tomorrow

Just pour out all your pain unto Me

My Son died so you could have a brighter tomorrow

He shed His blood on the cross at Calvary

So a world filled with darkness and sorrow

Would have a life of joy and victory

Here I am, my child

Come and take My hand

And I’ll help you see your brighter tomorrow

If you would come to set yourself free

Response to God:

Lord, I take Your hand in faith today

I hear the Truth you speak to me

You have freed me from my darkness and sorrow

You have set this prisoner free

I’m filled with joy for my brighter tomorrow

I now claim the victory over the Enemy and all of his schemes

Thank you for my brighter tomorrow

I’ll serve you now and into eternity

I’ll serve you now and into eternity