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There’s a free app for that!

free apps

There’s an app to go on yahoo

Pinterest to plan the things you do

Texas Holdem for playing poker

Apps for jokes from the joker

Kim Kardashin Hollywood to create your own star

Google maps to guide you travelling near and far

Wish for making shopping fun

Video game apps for those who love to shoot a gun

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal

Apps for finding restaurants to treat your gal

Linkedin for managing your connections

Game of War for planning insurrections

Apps for recipes for those who want ideas for what to cook

Apps for those who love to read a good e-book

Subway Surfers for dodging a subway train

All these free apps boggle my brain

Egad! I just discovered Boggle is a free app too!

So many free apps what is one to do?

Many forget the most important apps of all

Loving each other

Treating each person as your brother

Taking time to give the hurting a listening ear

Isn’t that really why all of us are here?

Spending romantic times with your wife

I know that really puts the spice in my life!

Take time to send a get well card to a family member, colleague, friend

That’s a gift of caring you can always send

Call that one with whom you have not spoken

You might discover that their heart is also broken

Freely given to

Freely give

Isn’t that really the best way to live?

This truth I pray you’ll see

Those are apps that are truly free