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Soul Song

Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash

God puts a song in our souls He desires for us to sing.

The question is this:
Will we sing it?

Whatever emotion you are feeling, God can use it for His glory.

You have a testimony to sing.

No one can do that like you.

Our Father doesn’t require you to be a pro.

He’ll give you the words to let His story in you flow.

God uses your sadness for those in sorrow.

When those we love die our Lord hears our heart cries.

He feels our emptiness,

the hole left in our heart,

the darkness,

the suffering that no doctor can heal.

Your loving Father uses you when you are glad to shine for others in their circumstances.

It isn’t an ecstatic joy;

it’s an inner sense that you believe God is with you.

You can speak from your life how He has been there for you.

There is peace on your face that the searching will see.

They may not be able to define what it is,

but your soul light will draw them to you, like how you are attracted to a fireplace.

Its warmth brings you to it.
Perhaps it reminds you of a fireplace from your childhood.
You would go there to have time alone just to be.

You sat there in a comfy chair and soaked it all in.

Tears came.
You asked,
“God, are you there?

There are times I’m so alone.

My Mom and Dad don’t get along.

They fight a lot.

Dad hits me when he’s drunk.

He doesn’t mean to be mean.

I know he loves me.

Am I to blame?

Did I do something wrong?

God, I don’t know what to do!

That’s why I’m coming to You.”

Are any of you that child or were you?

You love God, but you’re still angry at Him.

My father, Jim, would say to me, “The hand or the book?”

These were choices of the punishment I received.

Most times I had done nothing wrong,

There were times he loved me,

carried me piggyback on his shoulders,

held me close to him,

made me laugh,

but I never knew how long he would be a loving father.

Our lives have a song.

Sometimes it feels most things are going well;

other times feel like a living hell.

You may believe God has abandoned you.

He has left you to drown.

There have been times I felt like you do now.

I have in anger asked my wife, Karen, “Where is God when I’m crying out in pain?”

In those times she has said something like this. “Darling, I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that God uses everything we go through to make us more like Christ. He feels every tear you ever cried.

Think of the price God was willing to pay for the gift of your salvation.

Remember that prayer you made under the willow tree by your home to be rescued from your abuse? It took six years, but your prayer was answered.”

I will pray for you that you would hear the soul song God is singing to you.

I’m a stumbling sinner saved by grace trying to teach others about it.