Monthly Archives: October 2021

When I Close My Eyes

Photo by alexandre saraiva carniato from Pexels

When I close my eyes I imagine a different world…

Children playing without masks

All of us being able to go out without face coverings

A safe return to work
Openness to more people working from home

No one denied an education who can’t afford it

Those with disabilities having more work and educational opportunities

People putting an end to hate

No more cyberbullying

Outstretched loving humanity to those living through challenging life circumstances

Everyone rising to their God-given potential

All political parties striving to work together rather than apart

Building communities instead of breaking them down
Stopping racial inequality

The addicted escaping the prison of their addictions

A world of harmony, not disharmony

Homeless being a word of the past

Poverty being a word of the past

No more need for food banks

Ending discrimination

All human traffickers brought to justice

Those who have been trafficked getting professional counselling to begin the healing process

Looking after the environment so our children and our children’s children have a world

Everyone doing their part to build a more caring society

Many of these things may never come to be.
But if we don’t work together for a better world, I can only imagine what kind of

world it will be, when we open our eyes to the opposite reality.

I’m a stumbling sinner saved by grace seeking to teach others how to find it.