Monthly Archives: March 2014

Who am I?

I your Lord am in all things

I am the Star of your morning

The unending hope in your night

The eagle that talks to the sky

The water that talks to the rock

The fish that talk to the sea

The beauty and sweet fragrance of a flower

The trees that dance with the wind

The laughter of children

The disabled and chronically ill who teach us how to love in their pain

Every prayer you think or speak

In seeing love in all these things you’ll learn who I am

I hear you when you cry to Me

Listen to the pain in your soul

Call you away from your life of abuse to a new life

A new hope

A different way of looking at things

I offer you all a gift the richest person in the world can’t buy

My undying love

I come reaching out My hand to you in your struggles

Come,  blessed child, please take My hand

Pour all your hurt, all your anger on Me

Let out that cancerous poison

And let your healing come

I will show you your purpose for your life if you just let Me in

Who am I?

The God of your aching heart

Your Lord who wants you released from your prison of pain

So you can live again

Live to take all the darkness in your life and lead others to the Light

The Light that did give His life on the Cross

To save suffering souls

To offer us all an enduring hope that is found in Love

Love that gives

Love that hopes

Love that shines that life-giving, spirit-lifting hope to others

Your abuse and all pain can be used as a gift

A compassionate insight into the suffering of others as you heal

Wrapped in the gift paper of your saviour’s heart

So you don’t have to live in darkness and defeat

In doing all these things you’ll learn who I am

Who I am