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Because you are ready!

Spark from afar

So the LORD said to him, “What IS that in your hand?” (Exodus 4:2)

When GOD called Moses to deliver the Israelites, Moses argued, “But supposed…” and “but Lord, I am NOT…” But GOD saw him in different way, Moses may have underrated himself, but GOD definitely know what HE was doing.

When GOD calls you for something, be it in ministry or in your career or in other matters, it just simply means one thing, YOU ARE READY. You may think you need another year of experience but when GOD calls you now, it means HE trusts you NOW. HE is more than aware of your present caliber or your current accumulated knowledge or with whatever is in your hands now so when HE calls you, HE’s certain that you can do it NOW.

Yes, NOW. You may try to spell it in many ways or defend…

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