Monthly Archives: October 2014

Giving pieces of ourselves away

Slow loss of our identity giving pieces of ourselves away

Losing pieces of ourselves each day

Caught in addiction hurting inside

Eating away in pieces at God’s peace that can abide

Lured by the darkness within

Justifying all our sin

Forgetting about the love that brought two caring hearts together

Love that falters in the stormy weather

Trust broken by lie after lie

Pieces at a time covenant love starts to die

Voices raised to a children’s ear

In the child’s eye a tear

Broken sleep the wounded child holding to a teddy bear

A saddened face does now wear

We forget the One we should be holding so dear

Hurt that child for many a year

Is that fleeting lust worth all that?

Why continue with spat after spat?

Remember the love of God that brought you together

He who is with you through life’s stormy weather

The addict and the adulterer can have new hope

Turning to God and getting off the booze and dope

So their endless night would turn to day

Knowing their Lord is with them all the way